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Official's Red/Yellow 
Penalty Cards
#E7511 $2.95

Set of one red and one yellow card.
Required for officials

Line-Up Locator
#E7519 $10.00

Two team line-up locator card allows you to keep track of both team's positions on the court.
Great for officials also.

Use lead pencil or grease pencil. Folds in half like a wallet to fit into pocket. Back of card is yellow and red to be used as official's penalty cards

Linesman Flags
#E7512 $12.50

Set of 2 linesman flags. Fiberglass shaft. Solid red.

Glover Line up / Roster Cards
#E7508 $8.00

Super Size: 5 1/2" X 8 1/2"

  • 25 Four-Sheet Line-Up Cards per pack

  • Spacious writing area

  • Fits Glover's Line-Up Card Holder perfectly

  • Four Part Carbonless

  • For your Team

  • For the Official

  • For the Opponent

  • For the Scorekeeper

KBA Coaches Clipboards
#E7503 $12.95

Erasable coaches clipboard is made of durable plastic. Use Dry Erase Pen on clip side the back side does not Dry Erase. The Dry Erase pen velcros to the clip to keep it handy. Velcro on the pen is also used as a handy eraser.
9" x 15½"

Glover Scorebook
#E7501 $5.75

24 matches. Rally and Sideout scoring. "No Crush" Spiral binding. Easy to follow scoring instructions. Also available for Softball/Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Track, Tennis.

  Glover Libero Tracking Charts
#E7505 $10.00

Contains enough charts for 175 games. Libero tracking instructions and samples included.

Boardee Portable Scoreboard
1-9 $32.95 each
10-20 $30.95 each
21+ $28.00 each

NEW!!   This new item is in HIGH DEMAND and will be in stock very soon. We have already accepted many orders, so place YOUR order now. They are expected to sell very fast.

  • Clips on to anything like a beach chair, ball cart or referee. (First ever)

  • Stores a stats/pool sheet on its back. (first ever)

  • Hangs from a lanyard. (first ever)

  • Stable scoring cards in the wind. (first ever)

  • Openable card hangers, Double-sided scoring cards, Numbers go up to 30, Openable card hangers, Easy to use, carry and store.

  • Dimensions: 7.1 x 0.3 x 5.1 inches ; 13 ounces

Click Here to see the full description of this awesome new product!

Score IT®
#E6518 $99.75
Portable Score Station For All Sports

The SCORE IT® is lightweight, portable and can be assembled for use on the floor, table, field or beach. Perfect for tournaments of all types.

  • Large high impact 4" x 6" plastic numbers, 0 - 99 scoring

  • 3' 6" tall for easy visibility

  • Gold anodized aluminum tubing

  Score IT® Jr.
#E6517 $49.95
Built to Withstand Irate Coaches

Tabletop portable scoreboard that will not break! Steel frame with rugged plastic numbers. Scores up to 99 for each team. Bright red and blue silk-screen numbers. A great Budget Saver!

  • Rugged 4" x 6" plastic numbers

  • Bright red and blue silk-screen numbers

  • 0 - 99 scoring

  • Constructed of steel - built to withstand irate coaches

  • Long lasting powder coated finish

Upright Score IT™
#E6519 $84.00

The Upright Score IT is designed to attach to any upright. Perfect for club tournaments or recreational play. Highly visible 4" x 6" tough plastic numbers. Scores up to 99 for each team.

  Mark IT™
#E6520 $52.50
A Must For Competitive Volleyball

The MARK IT™ is designed to accurately determine and check the height of a volleyball net. The MARK IT displays standard readings for men and women and can be utilized at all levels of volleyball competition. It can also easily telescope down to a convenient storage size.

Net Check IT
#E6521 $7.95

Chain attaches to top of net to measure the height of net for men, women or juniors. Compare to Rite Height.

  Tachikara® Port-A-Pump
#E7530 $60.95

Electric ball pump has a built-in air pressure gauge with easy read out that allows you to inflate with accuracy. Convienent travel bag for tournaments or road games. Needle adapters included. 1/5 hp, 110 AC, 100 psi.

Tachikara® Ball Inflation Kit
#E7529 $10.50

Includes hand pump, pen type air pressure gauge and 3 replacement needles.

  Dual Action Air Pump
#E7528 $9.99

Dual action pumps air when pushed and pulled. Half the size of a regular pump. Fits in your pocket. Twice as fast.

Air Pressure Gauge
#E7516 $12.50

Essential for determining correct ball pressure. Includes bleeder valve and needle.

  Floor Tape
#E7515.V Vinyl $11.50
#E7515.T Vinyl $21.50

Vinyl floor marking tape. Available in white only. Roll is 2" x 60 yards

Temporary Floor marking tape. Available in White only. Ros is 2" x 60 yds.

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